Barton Women's Basketball Bulletin Board Competetion
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Tuesday, February 07, 2017
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These ladies have more than game!

Milton M. Daniels has partnered with Barton on several occasions.   This time Daniels benefited from the creative talents of the Lady Bulldogs!  In January, Barton's Lady Bulldogs assisted with bulletin boards in key areas of the school.  Mr. Dupree made a challenge by separating the Bulldogs into teams and assigning each team with a bulletin board.   The ladies took to the challenge and decorated five bulletin boards throughout the school.   The students of Milton M. Daniels voted on the best bulletin board.   WOW! There was a tie.  Picutred above, with Mr. Dupree is the team of L,R, Angela Caraballo, Ciera Williams, Bailey Simpson and Jasmine Fate.  The ladies created the bulletin board in the Teacher's Lounge, which incorporated our PBIS motto, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind.   Thank you Bulldogs!!!!!

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